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A veteran of the Tucson, Arizona music scene since basically the early 1990s, and subsequently that of his adopted city Chicago, IL since the early 2000s; BEN VELASCO has learned one thing for sure… “The more TIME goes on, the faster it gets!”  This very observation that had become an unintentional reference in his writing and thoughts, has led to a lifelong pursuit of making music, in spite of actually at times becoming so frustrated, and disheartened by it along the journey…that it nearly killed him, or at least broke his heart.  At one time, Ben actually even “quit” writing songs and playing/recording because of the countless wins and failures involved with actually being a musician…especially when you didn’t choose it.  “It’s just who you are…or at least the biggest part of who you are”, says Ben.


Long story short, if anything; Ben Velasco is a man of patience, persistence, gratitude, loyalty and spirit, who just so happens to play guitar, a little bit of everything else and write some pretty catchy songs…many volumes worth.  His music is akin to that of other “Pop/Rock/Alternative” bands such as The Cars, Icehouse, The Church, Midnight Oil, The Strokes, Catherine Wheel, etc.…more of an 80s/90s/00s vibe with modern touches and production.


Another thing that was realized was that Music saved him... If he could not play music, it would merely be a shame.  However, it was also realized that just being able to play music, was indeed a gift in itself…and if he chose not to utilize the gift on purpose; it was a sin…and the alternative was not going to work for him.  He needed to make music, or it might possibly be the demise of ol’ Ben, or so he was told by many…including ex-wives/partners.  What sounds kind of funny, was indeed not, though…well, not always.


So, after years of hiatus from his old band Stealth Blue, after re-starting a record 5 times…and after the break-up, not even playing with anyone for years…once again, Music led the way.  Another so-called “chance” meeting happened in 2017, this time between Ben and producer Joan Velez.  This meeting was different.  One of Ben’s old band mates Lenny Magnifico (from Stealth Blue); FINALLY convinced him to play in his project.  Well, one day at the invitation of drummer Daniel Lynn, a mysterious “saxophone player” came over to sit in.  That sax player was Mr. Velez and as they talked about music and life, etc., it was revealed that Joan was in fact a world-class producer…and eventually invited Ben to his studio to work on an album.  The friendships and brotherhoods that happened with this project and the Thirdfire Records Family are indeed priceless…


Started in 2018, and then with the pandemic in the way; it took a little more time than anticipated…but the Album “CLOUDS IN THE NIGHT SKY”, finally worked its way out in perfect time…via sporadic weekends/evenings, utilizing as much time as they could grab… and with a slightly mixed-up, mostly consistent array of Chicagoland’s finest Musicians; a full-length album was finally made…all in the name of love of the Art.  


This new band would now be called Ben Velasco & Flash Images.  When asked about the name, Ben recalled at times while living in downtown Chicago; having to ride the train system to get around.  He found it fascinating when two or more trains would pass each other by in opposite directions, and if you looked through the windows; you would get these “Flash Images” of all these other people and their lives…and how we ALL just sort of inter-connect. It was very interesting, and it is very much like this project simply mirror LIFE, as it was happening.


Along the subject of life speeding up/time flying by; it also became hauntingly apparent; that even after all those years prior to the release of this record, and actually playing music and recording constantly; not ONE Single, let alone any album was ever released…due to a great many things, mostly way beyond his control.  That’s a whole other story…


With the release of this full-length album, BEN VELASCO & FLASH IMAGES will tour and simply play out as much as possible in support of the new record, and a second album is already in the works to boot!  They will start a short tour of the UK in the Fall 2022.  Other dates to follow.




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